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For over 60 years, the Central Office of the Land Judicial Authorities for Investigation of National Socialist Crimes has the task to conducting preliminary investigations on national socialist crimes. We scrutinise material all over the world, collect it and evaluate the records. Our aim is to trace defendants who are still alive and can be prosecuted even today for their involvement in murders of the Nazi regime.

The ministers of justice and senators of justice of the Lands were all agreed in June 2015 in Stuttgart that the end of the investigation work is “not foreseeable yet”. Recently, we could forward several criminal proceedings to the public prosecutor’s offices particularly against guards at concentration camps. As a rule, they have been accused of helping to commit systematic murders by fulfilling a certain function. Preliminary proceedings of public prosecutor's offices and single trials show how the judiciary does its best to investigating even today the murders of the Nazi regime in spite of the long period and legal and real difficulties.

With these websites we would like to give you a first insight into our investigations.

Thank you for showing interest in our work!