How to Get Here

Schorndorfer Straße 58

71638 Ludwigsburg


The Schorndorfer Straße runs east from the city of Ludwigsburg. It is bordered by the south side of the Ludwigsburg Palace and the Blooming Baroque (Blühendes Barock).

You get to the Central Office from the Railway Station Ludwigsburg (ZOB) taking one of the following bus lines:

Line 420/433 - direction Poppenweiler, from the bus platform 2

Line 422 - direction Schlößlesfeld, from the bus platform 10

Line 425 - direction Oßweil, from the bus platform 10

Line 426 - direction Oßweil (Gegen Eich), from the bus platform 5

Line 431 - direction Neckarrems/Waiblingen, from the bus platform 5


You should get off at the bus stop "Schorndorfer Tor" (Zentrale Stelle) or "Klinikum" (Line 422).


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